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  3. Tuesday, 27 January 2009
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James Murdoch, among a number of other composers, was interviewed on a fascinating program about Australian classical music. I came upon it after a busy day of some ten hours of talking and listening. Murdoch spoke about what composers need in order to create. The same applies to poets, at least this poet. He said they need to find, to experience, to brew, a stillness so that they can listen to their inner ear, their inner life. Another composer who lived in Coogee NSW echoed my thoughts about poetic creativity. She said she needs: comfort, mod-cons, space, time to listen to herself, to be left alone by others. Another, quoting Leo Tolstoi, talked about learning to sing one's own song, to sing out who one is, where one has come from and where one is going as well as one's community concerns. In some fifteen minutes I experienced a veritable feast of like-minded Australian artists who worked with music.-Ron Price with thanks to "Dots on the Landscape: An Oral History of Australian Composition, Part 6," ABC FM Radio, 8:00-10:00 pm, 7 November 2001.

I've been brewing a stillness here,

a fountain of living waters in my pot,

tea-cosey, cups on the kitchen boil,

quiet in the garden by the river

flowing circuitously to the sea

and me up-in-my-study with my books

and files flowing, labelled in their place

all around me, yes, singing my song and

theirs, my friends, called them friends

for years, seen it on letters: dear friends

all across the world from the northernmost

territories to these places overseas,

downunder, finding a stillness,

had the centre,had it for years, over forty,

but sometimes a maelstrom, sometimes despair,

often a solemn consciousness, wellspring

that it is of the blossoms and fruits of what

He called a consecrated joy.1

1 'Abdu'l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, last line.

Ron Price

7 November 2001

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