Eryngium Maritimum Sea Holly, Seaside Eryngo Pfaf Plant Database

Eryngium Maritimum Sea Holly, Seaside Eryngo Pfaf Plant Database

The root pattern is a faucet root just like a carrot going instantly down [1-2]. A low maintenance perennial that gives fantastic winter curiosity, Rattlesnake Master obliges dry rocky soil and appears compelling planted withSesleria heufleriana or Pennisetum spathiolatum. A snowy white multitude of plump conical flower heads perch atop pointed, widely spaced silver bracts. Pair ‘Silver Salentino’ with Eryngium ‘Blue Glitter’ for a traditional look. Pressing upward via fantastic saw-toothed, green succulent-like leaves, an abundance of multibranched pewter-blue stems yields some eighty five ½-in.

The plant must be placed in its final place whilst small since it resents root disturbance. Although a sea-shore plant, it’s amenable to garden cultivation. For polyculture design in addition to the above-floor structure (type – tree, shrub and so on. and dimension shown above) information on the behavior and root pattern is also helpful and given here if available. The plant progress behavior is a clumper with restricted unfold [1-2].


Most provide scrumptious and nutritious fruit, however many also have edible leaves, seeds, flowers, stems or roots, or they yield edible or useful oil. An fascinating mixture of the prehistoric and the refined, this evergreen Eryngium is known for its giant-coned, luminous flowers. Linear leaves emerge from a basal rosette with broadly spaced spines along their margins.

Another group of sea hollies has lengthy, slender, spiny-edged leaves which might be quite just like these of yucca. One of these, Eryngium yuccifolium, is native to the U.S. Eryngiums are usually hassle-free vegetation with no pests or diseases, though slugs and snails can slowly eat small parts of the robust foliage.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Eryngium.Eryngium is a genus of flowering crops within the household Apiaceae. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution, with the center of range in South America. Leathery evergreen leaves; freely borne mild blue flower heads to inches throughout, surrounded by slender blue-green bracts. Species eryngiums could be grown from seed, though if you have a named cultivar, take root cuttings to make sure it stays true to kind. Follow our step-by-step information to taking root cuttings.

Some eryngiums can be propagated by division in spring. Watch Sarah Raven demonstrate the way to divide herbaceous perennials. Eryngium is a genus of flowering crops within the family Apiaceae. Common names include Eryngo and Amethyst Sea Holly. Many species of Eryngium have been used as food and drugs. Species are grown as ornamental vegetation in gardens.

Moroccan Sea Holly

Nevertheless, it’s a plant I would recommend for bees. This beautiful plant may be very pretty, and might tolerate exposed websites, pretty severe winters, and dry conditions. It additionally likes sandy soil, however may also thrive in loam or chalk . I don’t have any experience with this, however my sister actually has grown it, with nice success.

The description of these vegetation has been written based mostly on quite a few outside resources. It is included in an evolving record of vegetation carefully researched and chosen by RHS consultants. Divided into 3 teams these lists, linked under, are maintained by a team of RHS staff and are reviewed yearly. Our Botanical group are working onerous to increase the number of vegetation with detailed info. If you select any attributes with or without a plant name, you will see a a lot narrower number of outcomes taken solely from the old RHS Plant Selector database.

Pest-free ‘White Glitter’ handles dry circumstances plus makes a long-lasting, luminous addition to containers, pure-style plantings or cottage gardens. Eryngium planum, the blue eryngo or flat sea holly, is a species of flowering plant in the household Apiaceae, native to the world that includes central and southeastern Europe and central Asia. It is an herbaceous perennial thistle rising to 50 cm with branched silvery-blue stems, and quite a few small blue conical flowerheads surrounded by spiky bracts in summer time. It is a short-lived herbaceous perennial thistle, rising to 1 m , and producing branched heads of pale green conical flowerheads surrounded by spiny bracts in summer.

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