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  3. Thursday, 15 November 2007
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Gail Page At The Basement
“Colours That Run”

Mark the evening of November 20th in your diary as a must see event at The Basement in Sydney . Launching her debut album “ Colours That Run”, Gail Page hits the Sydney scene with a voice that will touch even the most hardened of souls.

Ask us to describe her style and we falter a little. In a sense she defies description. Close your eyes and you’d swear you’re in New Orleans listening to one of the greats – Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin- then again, modern comparisons bring Toni Childs to mind – but wait, now she’s singing the most beautiful rendition of an Eva Cassidy song.
A musical chameleon unlike any other.

One of the most powerful voices we’ve heard in a long time, microphone seemingly a mere prop, we can’t even place her in a specific genre. Initially blues and jazz spring to mind, but some of the songs would more appropriately be categorized as alternative contemporary. Don’t label this performer because the minute you think you have it worked out, she’ll surprise you with something new.

Be prepared to be moved. Gail doesn’t just sing, she tells a story. And the stories are from the heart. They convey the emotions of a life’s journey, messages of hope and strength and the uncanny ability to touch something inside every person that hears them. We’re not saying you’ll be spilling tears all night, but certainly expect at least a goosebump or two. We haven’t yet met a person who hasn’t been affected by her music. It isn’t just the clarity and power of her voice, nor simply the genuine emotion behind the songs. As we stated earlier, we dare not put her into an existing category. One of a kind, unique, powerful, touching.

Supported by some of music’s greats – Blues guitarist Mal Eastick, World renowned didgeridoo player Mark Atkins as well as Gordon Rytmeister on drums, Leon Gaer on bass, Dave Longo on guitar, Parris Macleod on piano, Peter Collins on harmonica and Tessa Nuku backing vocals, the Basement evening is bound to be a memorable one. Tickets available now through The Basement or Moshtix. http://www.thebasement.com.au

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