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  3. Tuesday, 17 July 2012
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Hey All!

I would like to introduce myself and my band!

My Name is Scott and im a drummer from band Called Lunar Seasons from Brisbane Australia. We are an Alternative Rock Band with a sound of mix grunge, post-punk and modern rock, with influences from such great bands as Queens of the stone age, Muse & Placebo.

After the loss of our original bassist due to personal reasons and 3 months of hiatus we are now back in the studios with our new bassist and returning to the Brisbane music scene with our come back gig scheduled.

We are trying to break the music scene as much as we can in Brisbane and hopefully succeed throughout Australia.

I would really appreciate any spare time that you may have to pop over to http://www.triplejunearthed.com/lunarseasons and give us a listen. If you manage to have a listen please leave us a rating or a review. (Suggestions - Cabin Fever or One Fraction Divided)

Your thoughts me a lot to us and it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :D
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