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  3. Tuesday, 28 October 2008
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Physicality (Let's Get Physical - Remake) = http://www.zshare.net/audio/20049790d8bf1f5b/

The remake is really cool. I can't believe they had the balls to remake such a classic. I think they pulled it off.


Check out page above ^^
Just for those that don't know this group- they have scored it big this year touring with 50 Cent (Aust/NZ), also touring with the Potbelleez (MTV Snow Jam) and now touring with Naughty By Nature in November.

I saw this group at the Sydney 50 Cent concert and loved them. They even have a song recorded that ftg 50 cent on their up coming debut album titled 'Audio Therapy' which drops in 09' on the Roc Tha Block tour.

anyways peoples let check out their myspace and let me know what ya think???
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