Review of 5000 Fingers Of Dr T - Chewed Up And Spat Out by Adam. 5000 Fingers Of Dr T - Chewed Up And Spat Out
Article By Adam  on Jun 13, 2002

Artist: The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T
Album: Chewed Up And Spat Out
Label: Crispy Disc
CAT#: DRT001

This CD definately fits into the experimental category, containing 10 tracks of diverse range. As stated in the notes of the disc all tracks were written and produced by Jasper Russell and Adam Pierce except for 5, 6 and 9 which they just mangled. To start with this is a CDR burnt by the group and only available from them or selected places they managed to distribute them, i actually picked up my copy from Melbourne. The front and back covers are full color and the disc is a Kodak Gold with a label stuck onto it. The disc has also had various chunks cut out of it increasing its novelty and collector value. The first track sounds alot like an orchestra tuning up to begin with slightly more thought put into placement of sounds followed by Parts 6, 8, 1 which are quite ambient in points. Mr Punchinello is probably exactly the song you think it is with some effects done to it. Track number 6 sounds like a bad 80s rock ballad that has been mangled and finally majorly distorted at the end. Number 7 is my fave track with the sounds of doctors and nurses and medical instruments with some nice slow beats. Track 8 would be my second fave and is a very beautiful ambient track along with track 10. There albums after this one are not as experimental when it comes to cutting up other tracks etc. but their experimentaing with electronics only gets better. On their website they have announced a new CD this year, i am positive it will be another great album.

01 Cacophony
02 Part 6
03 Part 8
04 Part 1
05 Mr Punchinello
06 Death of Rock n' Roll
07 Open Beat Surgery
08 Barbecued Crickets
09 Oops My Pants Fell Off
10 Last Dance at the Ritz

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