Amy Vee - All In Me Amy Vee - All In Me
Article By Kath on Jul 1, 2003


Amy Vee is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle with a single out called 'All in Me'. I had a listen and liked what I heard.

The single contains two versions of 'All In Me' and two other tracks.

On first listen to title track 'All in Me' I was immediatly impressed with Amy's voice. Really sweet, strong, melodic and in the vein of the whole Michelle Branch crop of female singer/songwriter's in vogue at the moment.

The song's good too, it's commercial pop but more in the adult commercial pop vein. Amy's also the songwriter and producer which shows she is very talented.

Next track 'Friendly Fire' is also very good in a stripped back way, as it is only voice and acoustic guitar.  

'Where are you' is also acousticy but in a more angsty- way. It's a great song too.

Last track is a live version of 'All in Me' in acoustic mode recorded at a gig.

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