By kath Another Race-Tag and Release
Article By Kath on Oct 5, 2002


Melbourne's Another Race have released their debut album 'Tag and Release'.

The band's bio talks about Australia's pubs and clubs being one of the toughest proving grounds in the world and if you can't cut it live, forget about it. So true!!! Just look at The Vines backlash. We don't take fake crap the way the U.K does for instance. This is a definite topic for another installment of 'The Wrath of Kath', but more about that later. 

I remember Another Race when they used to be called Biscuit. (I believe they changed their name due to that OTHER band with a similar name, Limp Biscuit.)

My old band Kill Krush Destroy played with them at E.V's quite afew years ago. I remembered them 'cause the kids absolutely loved them. Now some years later, they have released their debut album 'Tag and Release.' My hat off to them for actually sticking around for all this time.

Though I am not a huge fan of really heavy music, I appreciate them in the fact there is some melody in there as well and a strong vocal performance from singer Wesz Parry.

Fans of the band (and listeners of radio) would know the song 'Falldown' which was a bit of a Triple J hit and is a really good song with a catchy chorus.

The two singles 'Jumpin' and 'I Lied' are here in all their rockin' glory, but for some reason besides 'Falldown' I really like track 10 'Mission'. It just rocks, plain and simple. Interesting lyrics, (any song that mentions Chewbacca's hair is all good) and a chorus that is absolutely HUGE and catchy as.

On track 11, 'Know Me' Wesz has a crack at really singing, instead of the rap style he usually uses. It is a Faith No More/Chilli Peppers-esque tune that is a nice change of pace for the CD.

There is also a hidden track (track 13) which starts with the beautiful sound of raindrops and instead of kicking into a huge heavy song it is mellow and sweet and shows a diversity in the band, as well as an impressive level of musicianship.

All in all this is a great CD that fans of the Nu-Metal genre will love and play at extreme volumes.

The CD should be available in a good record stores through Liberation.

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