Atreyu-Fabulous Secrets Revealed CD review. Atreyu-Fabulous Secrets Revealed
Article By Kath on Nov 17, 2002


Atreyu have a new CD out called 'Fabulous Secrets Revealed'.

Two words describe this CD - IT ROCKS!!!

Atreyu first came to my attention quite a few years ago when they were playing at The Greyhound in Melbourne and I was hooked. They played my favourite sort of music -melodic guitar pop with attitude!

Now a few years on and with only one line-up change with Tim on guitar, the band has gone from strength to strength with the release of this CD.

First track 'Get out of my Head' is an awesome little ditty and melodic to a tee. And hey! I can relate to those lyrics!!! Kirsty is a great little songwriter and is really good with vocal melodies, I especially like the bridge, is it? That key change, it sounds like a minor key (the saddest of all keys!-sorry, a bit of Spinal Tap there!) and with the harmonies in it as well it makes a very tasty pop treat indeed.

'Another Day' is pretty poppy with some boppy drumming from Kirsty's sis Melissa and cool bass from Claire. The chorus is another huge one, melody wise.  

'Strange Infatuation' is a stand-out. Some nifty guitar work from Tim. I'd like to see this song in an episode of Buffy.  Why? I don't know, I just reckon it would suit a story-line of someone being infatuated with someone else!

(Atreyu also do the Buffy theme in thier live set, by the way!) 

'Run' has a great vocals/bass/drums dropout in the middle, always a good effect and has some cool wah-wah from Tim as well.

'Only gets Worse' is a sweet acoustic toon while 'Not Brave Enough' goes back to familiar Atreyu territory with a very strong chorus and pop hooks.

The closer on the CD is 'Right side of the Tracks'  a more mellow-ish tune with chimming guitars and an awesome outro that builds into an epic little ending indeed.

I can't say enough nice things about this band without sounding like a suck and yes I am freinds with them but that's got nothing to do with it, I just love their music!

If my new band Kathematics ever gets to where I want it to go success-wise I'm taking them on tour with me! Pack yer bags Atreyu!

This CD is out through Sixpack Records/MGM.

Check out their website at

PS And what's this I hear about a name-change? Don't do it!!!