A Review of the Austin Dunmore CD called Sacred Cow (By Kath). Austin Dunmore - Sacred Cow
Article By Kath on Feb 27, 2004


Austin Dunmore has a 3-track CD out. Kath finally had a listen.

Led Zeppelin are mentioned a lot in Austin's bio as he is a fan and also played in a Led Zep tribute band.

The influences are there, although the title-track is a more acoustic-folky rock song.

Second track 'Walk Away' is a bit more rock. All big guitars, lead guitars and big vocals. Pretty early-70's sounding. A lot going on in the song. A bigger production would of done it more justice I feel.

Last song 'Stop the Show' follows a similar vein. It's classic rock all the way. The purists would love it, and so will you.

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