Review of Band Camp-Don't Blame Me / Build it Up. Band Camp-Don't Blame Me / Build it Up
Article By Kath on Nov 17, 2002


Melbourne's Band Camp have a new double A-side single 'Don't Blame Me/Build it up'. Kath had a listen and liked what she heard!

Band Camp have one of the best names ever! Fans of American Pie would know what I mean and as for the rest of you, crawl back under your rock. 

Band Camp have been kicking around the Melbourne traps for a while now and consist of Monique on Guitar and vocals, Larissa on bass and Glenn on drums.

There are only two tracks on this CD but it comes with a video of "Don't Blame Me' as well which has already had an airing on Rage.

First track 'Don't Blame Me' is a melodic little tune with some catchy drumming from Glenn (I love Glenn's drumming!) and some beautifull harmonies from Monique and Larissa when the chorus kicks in.

'Build it Up' was featured on Girl Compilation Volume 1 which was out last year and I had a hand in putting together. It's a punchier song with all three members contributing vocally.

Band Camp are a really good band so go check out this single and see them play when you can. You've been warned.

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