By Geoff "big words that little people use" by Ambient Loop
Article By Geoff on Aug 19, 2002

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""Big words that little people use" is a 4 track in your face kind of EP for rockers looking for high energy driven music.

This EP kicks off with a blistering rock track called "five words" which sounds like it is from a guy who left a relationship and escaped the control of a women who was holding him down. The track is fast and furious with some excellent heavy sounding backing guitar tracks behind the depressive angry sound of lead singer Jarrod.

Other songs on this CD are hard rocking and pretty consistent with the first song. "Last Weekend" and "Albert" both display that this band can rock their listeners from one song to another.

The last track, "Graduation", is a softer song about not ever wanting to be dry again after having entered the water of another. A great song illustrating the feeling of being immerged in love and lust for somebody and not wanting to lose that.

The EP was produced in Castle Hill which is just a stone through from me, making it a true local rock EP that hits home.

Despite a really long title, "Big words that little people use" is an emotional modern rock EP which is going to rock Ambient Loop fans and other rockers with its hard hitting deep thumbing tracks for a while yet.

This EP goes off.

Review By: Geoff Currey

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