Bordello - 21st Century Funk Bordello - 21st Century Funk
Article By Kath on Dec 23, 2002


Bordello are a W.A mob who seem to come to Melbourne every few months to tour lately. They have also had Triple J airplay for their CD 21st Century Funk.

The first thing I have to mention is the artwork on this CD. It is really outstanding. It features the songs drawn as if they were movie posters. Very professional. Is there a graphic artist in this band???

Bordello are of the funk variety (obviously.) Plenty of wah-wah and other funk such things. Not a huge fan of this kinda stuff but it's done well in songs like track 2 Plight which  is pretty cool with a female singer featured as well. 

The guys obviously have a sense of humour with tracks like 'BabeArolla' and this is party music at it's best.

Track 5 'American Crap' is self-explanetory. A mention of Angelina Jolie too, I think? and even a 'Go Ricki!' in a part of the song.

'Shoulda been a DJ'  has been spun on the J's, as has 'BabeArolla'.

'Virtually Reality' has been played by some commercial stations apparantly. It is a big departure for Bordello. Minus the zany funkness, it is almost serious with the singer singing instead of rapping. It's a pretty cool tune.

The rest of the CD follows the traditional Bordello vibe. It is a good party CD as I've already said, and they sure sound like they know how to have fun.

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