Brindle - Classification Brindle - Classification
Article By Kath on Jan 5, 2003


Brindle are from Brisvegas and have a cool EP out called 'Classification.' Kath liked what she heard!

Brindle have been added to the Brissy leg of The Big Day Out which must be really good news for them. This 4-track EP is cool indie guitar music with a girl singer with a strong voice. Vocally she reminds me of someone but I don't know who, maybe a bit of P.J but her style seems pretty unique.

First track 'Colourblind' is a catchy ditty with chimming guitars and cool drumming and a strong vocal performance from singer Deb.

It's so good to hear a new band that has a female singer as I feel girl singers in bands aren't getting as much of a look in lately 'cause of this "new rock" hype happening where it's all 70's inspired cock rock consisting of men with mutton-chops that the record companies can't get enough of. (Jet, etc.)

I hate this Next Big Thing Shit and the way the record companies want clones of what is already big. So many cool ORIGINAL SOUNDING bands fall by the way-side............but that's a totally different subject and I've had my whinge so back to Brindle.

Next track is 'Tunnel Vision' another cool tune not unsimilar to 'Colourblind' except for a quiet middle-bit. I just remembered who I think Deb sounds a bit like. There was a U.K band around in the early 90's that I don't think anybody but me has heard of called Hammerbox. They rocked but were probably a bit heavier.

'Celebrate' has a bit of a different pace, a bit mellower and slower but it also kicks in near the end. I really like the drummer's drumming. Really suits the songs with the off-beats and all.

Last track is 'Undress me Slowly'.  Complete with a cool guitar groove throughout, the title of the song is exactly what it's about! 

Brindle are doing a National tour to support this release. Give the cock rockers a miss for a while and check out an original sounding band. It would be interesting to catch this band live.

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