Bullet The Blue Sky Bullet The Blue Sky
Article By Cindy James on Jun 4, 2003


This emotionally charged Melbourne quintet, Bullet The Blue Sky recently compiled their debut EP "Waiting For The Rain" which was released in April.


The disc showcases five of the bands most powerful tracks to date. The opening track on the disc 'Yesterday' breaks into a catchy guitar hook that is closley filled few moments later with a solid drum beat tieing in before the original, husky vocals over lay. This song has an opening with a blast and prepares you for the disc that is about to embrace upon you. Probably my favourite song off this EP.

After The Fall come to mind whilst listening to this band. Both vocalists have a similar vocal contrast and a powerful rock movement.

Track #2 ('I'm Getting There') Has a twinkly guitar intro and harmonised vocals. The first verse is a little deceiving to the rest of the song. The second verse breaks out with a rockier beat as the rest of the band joins in.

Track #4 ('O'Hea Street') has a soft intro with just the guitars once again before pounding a powerful bassline that slices through. This track especially, got my feet tapping and head nodding with the catchy drum beats. I always believe a recording should go out with a bang, and I was not dissapointed when the closure of this EP came to holt. I am extreamly impressed with the sound quality of this disc and the well composed music combining with heart wrenching lyrics.

There isn't alot of musical diversity on this disc but I recomened any emo rock punter to go cash their loose pennies and purchase this cd or check them out when they tour near you. Their live show is an explosive, (alot more) diverse and intense set that will leave you gasping for more.