Review of the Chucknee CD Dools of Doom. Chucknee - Dolls of Doom
Article By Kath on Jul 27, 2003


Chucknee are a Brissie bunch with a CD out called Dolls of Doom. This is weird and interesting stuff!

They site their music as being influenced by '...loyalty, betrayal, kung-fu and canto pop.'

I kinda don't get it, is it like film music? But in the CD sleeve it says based upon a comic called Dolls of Doom.

Regardless, it's pretty cool stuff. There's alota tunes and some blend into eachother, some are instrumental, others are straight pop like the Madness-sounding first song 'Let blood flow like the leaves of a cherry tree'.

Most of the titles are like this. There's some really cool tunes on this CD and I won't go into them all seperately cos there's too many but it's damn interesting stuff. 

The girl singer also has an early Deb Harry from Blondie voice and Fred Negro is creditied for additional backing vox, nuff said!

Near the end of the CD it basically turns into film music but the music's great.

To grab a copy of this sensational CD, email the band at-

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