Geoff Currey reviews Deb's CD Left to Spare Deborah Hocking Band - Left to Spare
Article By Geoff on Sep 5, 2003


CD Cover
CD Cover
Deborah Hocking is no stranger to the Melbourne acoustic scene with her captivating vocals and ability to turn a guitar into a tool with which she weaves her captivating sound of passion and inspiration. It is no surprise that once Deborah teamed up with other experienced live artists Mathew Rose on drums and Dynon John on bass that sparks where going to fly.

The debut EP Left to Spare by the Deborah Hocking Band is no disappointment. The EP an inspiring up-beat mix of modern folk and catchy acoustic pop music with songs that capture the imagination.

The EP is opened by the title track Left to Spare which is a fast paced track with no pause. Not all tracks on this song are acoustic, the second song, Don't Want A Hero, is backed by some distorted guitars adding that extra bit of edge to a song reflecting some kind of indecisive destiny complex. After not wanting a hero Deborah's intimate and well toned vocals become apparent in a slow love song and the most captivating song on this EP Magnetic North.

The final two songs on Left to Spare, Fall and Temptation, are great listening and show the bands potential to grow into a well polished acoustic band.

Over all I enjoy this EP and having heard Deb's music from the humble acoustic days of her solo release d-day to the newly formed Deborah Hocking Band, I know Deb and her new found friends in music have a lot of potential and I look forward to hearing more for this band in the future.

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