Digital Fiction EP Digital Fiction EP
Article By Kath on Jan 22, 2003


I've been sent some weird CDs in my time doing 'Kath's Corner' but this has got to be one of the weirdest!!! But it's so COOL!! This is Sci-fi soundtrack music and I've never heard anything like it! 

Mr Moon Alien has sent me a nifty CD with cool space age artwork and a photo and flyer to boot. They say that Trekkies, etc, are a "strange" breed indeed and I think Mr. Moon Alien is no different.

Starting with 'Zero Gravity' which is like Gary Numan music with Aliens singing it we next come to 'Alien Party on Monstar Planet' which is a fast ditty with girl vocals reminicent of B52s complete with screaming and a cool guitar riff. This song just HAS to become a theme song for a tacky Sci fi show!

Maybe I like this stuff because it is so different to anything I've ever heard before or maybe it's because I am quite derranged!

Next track is 'Alien 500' with a cool drumbeat and aliens are singing this song too. I wonder how much Mr. Moon Alien paid these aliens to sing for him? What's the going rate for alien vocals these days anyway?

'Outer Control' (good name) follows. How do I describe this one? One word comes to mind: weird.

Last song is title track 'Digital Fiction' which seems to be an advertising of this CD with spoken words over sci-fi music. 

Mr Moon Alien has recorded this whole thing himself, no mean feat. It only has 5 tracks but he is hoping to release a complete album if he has any interest. If anything, I'm sure Triple J will play something (especially 'Alien Party on Monstar Planet') since they love novelty weird stuff or Mr. Moon Alien, you  should try to get your music on sci-fi TV or film and don't forget to send it Overseas, a much bigger market then our 'if it ain't dirty rock n roll we ain't interested' Country.

Ten out of ten Mr. Moon Alien for doing something individual. I will be playing your CD at my next party.

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