CD review by Kath. Drink up the Ocean - Self - titled
Article By Kath on Feb 27, 2004


Drink up the Ocean are a Melbourne mob who sent me their CD ages ago and I am finally catching up on my reviews so here it is!

This is catchy pop at it's best. Musically really catchy and some cute, girly vocals from Japanese singer Hiromi. Formed in April 2002, they cite their influences as Aussie-rock and Japanese pop. I really like Japanese pop. I Hear some good stuff now and again.They almost sound a bit early-Blondie (my FAVES!!!!!) but with Deb's New York accent replaced with a Japanese one!

First track 'It's a Life' is catchy as, with a groovy pop feel. 'Red Moon' starts off sparse  and stays that way, with a bit of a tempo change in the middle. 'Booked Out' is pretty melodic with a hooky chorus and closer, 'Coming back to you'  is a sweet little pop ditty indeed.

Check out the band when they next play near you.

They have a website at_