By Adam Dsico - I'm Not Retarded
Article By adam on Oct 12, 2002

Artist: Dsico
 Album: I'm Not Retarded
 Label: Spasticated Recordings
Format: CDR
  CAT#: SPAS002

 Picked up this CD from the TINA festival in newcastle last weekend, saw the man speak at a forum on what i now know as bootlegs/mashups. I hadn't heard the term bootleg for these recordings before, but you may remember the style from such reviews as as the 'goulburn poultry fanciers society'. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my reviews of past these are pop tracks mashed up/corrupted/distorted and generally made to sound alot better then they ever were. Admittedly into making bootlegs to cash in on the popularity of it at the moment (cheers for the honesty) hes created some much more listenable tracks then the originals. To quote Dsico "it just had to be done", much agreed. On first listen i couldnt stomach much of it as alot of the original sounds remain compared with the much more distorted stuff i have been listening to of late. Further listening especially on headphones brought out the more interesting elements of the tracks. Some tracks like the Nelly mix i think may still be listenable by fans of the originals, that said i like it alot and will be looking into more bootlegs as i cant stand most of the originals. They are really great to play to your friends and relatives who do like the originals and to watch there facial expressions change as they hear there fave tracks of the moment mashed up. Most of the songs used wont even be played by anyone in a few years time and will be confined to second hand stores and op shop bargain bins, however the Dsico versions will live on in my cd player. You can download alot of the tracks and more from Dsico's website.

EDIT: i find myself listening to this cd more and more now, damn catchy pop tracks.

01 Intro - Granola Showdown
02 Flash In Herre (Nelly - Hot In Herre / Morodor - Flashdance) (Rn'DSP mix)
03 Work That Shit Out (Beyonce - Work It Out) (DSP Deconstruction)
04 Burn Baby Burn (Kylie - Burnin' Up) (Dsico remix)
05 F*ckin' Girlfriends (N*Sync - Girlfriend) (DnB mix)
06 Indy Woman (Destiny's Child - Independant Woman)
07 Can't Cut You Up (Kylie - Can't get You Outta My Head)
08 Dirrty DSP (Christina Aguilera - Dirrty)
09 Bumrush My Love (Madonna - Justify My Love / Public Enemy)

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