Exit - Exit Exit - Exit
Article By Kath on Apr 23, 2003


Exit are a Sydney-based rock band who have been together for 4 years and have a self-titled CD out.

They are a pretty commercial sounding rock band I guess with a good strong male vocalist.

First track 'Bust Out' is a strong rock song with a hooky chorus and a nice lead guitar bit in the middle with a cool bass line. They're really tight and there's some good musicianship in there. It's pretty standed rock fare that fans of old school would be into.

Next up is 'Remind Me.'  I like this track more than the first one, maybe cos it's a bit more pop/rock and has some nice guitar and vocal harmonies.

'Gattaca' is the next track and is a bit more low-key but gets funkier in the middle and builds up near the end.

'Happy Dream' is a funkier track showing a diversity in the band that scans rock,pop and funk. Although not a huge fan of funk, this is OK. It has a cool instrumental outro bit at the end.

'Erection' is the next song. It is not about what you think! It is actually a war-related song with intelligent lyrics, quite apt in these scary times we live in. It has a tempo change near the end as well which works really well.

Last song on the CD is 'Lucky Guy' which is a live recording showing they are a tight band live.

Check the band out when they play near you. 

They also have a website at- www.exit.net.au