A review of Fake Mushroom's CD The Second Cousin. Fake Mushroom - The Second Cousin
Article By Kath on Mar 5, 2004


Fake Mushroom are a young band from The Latrobe Valley playing some funky and jazzy tunes on their CD The Second Cousin.

Although the word "funk" put me off (not a huge fan of the genre) this was actually quite pleasing to the ear when I finally got round to listening to it. (Sorry it took so long, guys!)

First track 'Anarchist Joe' is a pretty cool song with a real "Jazz Oddessy" in the middle that takes you away from the song and then leads you back again.

'Prosthetics' has some weird keyboard stuff going on. Musically so far it's pretty interesting with a lot going on.

'Brown House' is pretty crazy lyrically, what the hell's going on here?! But it's fun.

'Trytone' starts kinda eerie, then gets going with some fast singing and snappy keyboarding. Kinda space age, even.

'Sea of Trees' has got some funky bass-lines, 'Supmydown' (?) brings out those Mr Bungle influences...crazy, crazy, and 'Hey You' seems pretty normal in comparison, with a nice keyboard solo followed by a guitar solo, followed by a bass solo (!) in the middle.

Closer 'T.I.L.F' continues in a similar vein although I find the lyrics questionable in this song. Don't know how many girls would  get into these kinda lyrics without finding them offensive, it's definitely a boys song. Makes me wonder what T.I.L.F stands for, or maybe it's better not knowing.

All in all, great musicianship, good singing, but they kinda lost me at the end there.

Don't know if they have a website but check 'em out if they play near you.

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