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Article By Kath on Jun 18, 2003


FAQ come from Brisbane and have been together for about 3-4 years. Musically they range from pop and rock to funk and jazz! 

The music they like is pretty diverse. Everything from Crowded House, U2, Foo Fighters and Beatles to Herbie Hancock!!! What was the name of that instrumental song he had out in the 80's? (There's a trivia question for ya!) I loved that song and I saw the video the other day on Music Max and it had all those crazy robots doin' all this weird stuff! I love that video.)

But anyway, back to FAQ. First track is the title track 'Parading', which is pretty standed rock stuff, but then things change. Next up is 'Love is Strong' which is way funkier and feature trumpets and there's gotta be afew singers in this band cos the grungey singer who sang the first track isn't the smooth vocalist who sings this one! 

Next up is 'Panorama' and we go into Jamiroqui territory. Diversity is good cos many people like different styles of music (as I do) but the problem can be you sound like a different band all the time. So far the first song sounds nothing like the others. Dunno if I woulda put that song first, but then it is the name of the EP!

'Sakura' is a slower tempo song and works really well. The vocalist is soulfull and melodic.

'Healthy Heartache' goes for a bit of reggae, 'How' is another slowy and 'Solidfy' has a cool guitar riff and it's a tad more rocky.

The CD ends with 'You' which is a quieter, acousticy track.

All in all a very strong and diverse independent release.

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