Fibrotown CD Review. Fibrotown CD
Article By Kath on Nov 26, 2002


Fibrotown are from Melbourne and are of the country/pop variety. They have a self-titled CD out.

Fibrotown feature Iain from At Sea on bass and Jane McCracken on vocals, guitars, etc......I remember seeing her play solo a lot at the now defunct Punters Club and liked her quirky pop stuff a lot.

Fibrotown's CD starts off pretty country-ish with a tune called 'House from Hell' and it sounds like the other singer Gina Hanlon might be singing that one. It also features Jen Anderson on fiddle. Jen is an awesome musician and pops up on many a CD.  The song is probably a tad country for my liking but isn't indicative of the whole CD.  

Next track is 'Please don't cry' and I can recognise Jane's voice on this one! It's that girly Australian accent that is cool, I hate it when Australians sing in an American accent! 'Melody' is a sweet song also sung by Jane.

The next few songs 'Torch Song' and 'Some boys don't dance' are both sung by Gina, it appears, and they are back to being pretty Country-ish, probably to do with the style in which she sings. 

'More heartache than happiness' features Jane again and has some nifty harmonica which she plays. 'Same old joke' has some cool backing vox near the end of the song, some nice 60'S 'Shoo wops.'

Guitarist Graeme Cameron has a crack at singing the next track, 'Feelin' Better'.

'King of the rodeo' is next. Pretty self-explanetary I think!

'You don't have too' is a good song. A nice groovy if not familiar beat complete with key-change. It's fast and snappy and has some  cool lyrics from Jane stating she'd be happy with a couple of beers and a trip to the pub!

The CD seems to have two totally different feels, that of real Country stuff courtesy of Gina and more quirky pop from Jane which kinda makes it a bit disjointed but I guess that's the whole idea! It is a good CD and you should check it out.

The CD is available through The Lost and Lonesome Recording Company. Email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.