CD Review By Cindy James Forgetting Yesterday
Article By Cindy James on Jul 20, 2002

When F.Y first handed me their 7 track debut demo, they went on to define their emo-pop soundings and origin status, rising from the Central Coast of Nsw (my home town!), I was literally ripping open my back pack for my disc man.

The opening track pounds out foot taping drum beats, timing out with the fast and intense guitar-pop riffs, bringing these dreamy vocals to a climax. You can tell these boys have had a few broken hearts in the past.

A few of the influences I picked up throughout the disc were the emo-core soundings of Jimmy Eat World and The Juliana Theory. The title track “Always and Forever” is the closing song on the E.P, with emotionally charged lyrics and a powerful acoustic guitar back up, it proves that boys have the ability to make any gurls heart melt.

It wont be long before Record Label interest comes their way, giving a more professional future recording sound.... we have a winner!