Genevieve Maynard - Ghost Notes Genevieve Maynard - Ghost Notes
Article By Kath on Jan 23, 2003



Genevieve Maynard (Stella One Eleven, Bughouse) has predominantly been in the background of her previous outfits but comes to the fore with her debut album Ghost Notes.

An EP out early last year contained some of these tracks but this is her first full length album. It is very much her own project as she has also produced and engineered the record and played a lot of the instruments as well.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact Gen has a really good voice: deep, soulful and melodic.

The album is very diverse and hard to categorize. It has acoustic-based songs and electric songs. It also contains loops and samples such as the Portishead-like 'Fifteen Letters' and makes it hard to put into a box.

'Jackie in the Morning' is a standout with a cool groove and hypnotic vocal as is 'Trouble' and 'Mackerel Sky.'

Tracks like the quiet 'Aurora Borealis' (which Stella singer Cindy also appears on) and 'Steer Clear' are stripped down to just guitar and vocals which sit really well as a break from the more over-produced songs.

'Daze' is probably the most rock the album gets with distorted guitars and noises but still has light and shade with a melodic chorus.

The CD ends with an interesting song called 'Catalyst' which has record scratches throughout it and harks back to the days of humble vinyl in all it's scratchy glory.

All in all a quality debut from an artist of maturity and depth that not only fans of Stella One Eleven and the lesser known Bughouse would enjoy.