Goat-The Lunatic's Handbook CD review. Goat-The Lunatic's Handbook
Article By Kath on Nov 23, 2002


Goat are a Melbourne band with a CD out called The Lunatic's Handbook. Kath checked it out.

I don't know what made me think Goat are another Rap/metal type band. Thankfully they're not.

I have to start with the artwork. There is a photo of a mini smashed up in front of a sign saying 'Stop here on red signal'. It's a great photo and I actually remember seeing that mini myself near Brunswick St after a Fringe festival and it was there for AGES. Good shot.

But back to the band. They are basically acoustic guitar rock. First track 'One more life' is standed rock fare, second track 'I don't mind' is more acoustic with strings and is a really nice song.

'I wanna be a Junkie' is a great swamp rock kinda song with a great groove and a more dirty rock n roll/swampy production would've done it more justice.

'Disassemble Me' also has a cool groove and great guitar riff throughout. 

Musically there are some nice arrangements and good playing. Singer Chris has a good voice that suits the songs. It's good to hear a more acoustic-sounding rock band, which is rare to say the least.

My personal fave is 'Drag you out'. It is almost Violent Femmes-ish. It's a really good song and I would've liked to hear more songs like this one as the next few are more American rootsy sounding stuff, not a huge fan.

Closer 'Moon comes to my room' is an atmospheric, haunting song with distant vocals, slide guitar and the sound of rain in the background. Cool song.

All in all this is a quality CD and interesting because it's more acoustic with some good songs. Worth checking out.

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