By Kath Greg Kew - Remember the Stars
Article By Kath on Sep 26, 2002



Greg Kew is a Melbourne singer/songwriter/guitarist that has been performing for 6 years and is influenced by The Black Crowes,  Rod Stewart and Led Zeppelin. 

His CD 'Remember the Stars' was produced by Greg and has a great sound and some nifty lead guitar work, especailly in closer, 'Move with you.'  Although a drummer and bassplayer are credited for playing on this CD, Greg is apparantly looking for a new band so he is able to launch this CD.

'Remember the Stars' is cruisey and acousticy and you can really hear the Rod Stewart influences. Think EARLY Rod Stewart, way before 'Hot Legs'.(!)

Vocally Greg has that gravelly voice thing going on, like Rod and also Kelly from Stereophonics. He is obviously from the old school of classic songwriting. No pop/punk, nu-metal here, just melodic acoustic-driven songs with emotion and depth. 

The 5 songs on this CD all follow a similar path. Third track "Soul to find' stands out with it's sweet melody. Lyrically Greg sings about real things that you and I can relate to and it is nice to listen to something that is honest and intelligent and isn't "kiddie music". 

To grab a copy of this CD you can contact Greg at-

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(You would like this CD if you like early Rod Stewart, Black Crowes and Stereophonics.)