CD review By Kath. Greg Nelson - The Stink
Article By Kath on Jul 10, 2003


Greg Nelson is a Brisbane singer/songwriter with a quirky little CD out called 'The Stink.'

Recorded on an analog 8-track this is a CD of melodic pop tunes with not a lot of production so it's pretty much the quality of a demo.

There's alota songs here, 13 in fact. The longest at 3 minutes 14 seconds and the shortest a mere 16 seconds. Greg likes short songs.

There's a lot of quirky "instruments" on this CD including a toy microphone, tape hiss, button accordian, a metronome and a warehouse rollerdoor! Interesting.

The songs are basically minimalist, quirky and off-beat. Greg's singing style is sweet and laid-back.

This is pretty out there and I think non-commercial radio would lap it up. Maybe a tad too out there for me but different strokes, I guess.

It's funny, the cover of this CD made me think the music inside would be way different to what it is! Never judge a CD by it's cover!

The verdict?


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