A quick review of a Greg Nelson CD from Kath. Greg Nelson - Triple Jump
Article By Kath on Apr 14, 2004


Greg Nelson is back with yet another CD for me to review. This one is called 'Triple Jump.'

Well this CD is kinda more of the same quirky, short, home-recorded weird stuff from Greg.

See link to previous review of 'The Stink' - http://www.australianmusic.info/articles/article_735.shtml

Ten out of ten to Greg for releasing another full-length CD so quickly after the previous one and getting it to me!

I still don't know what to make of it but as with the previous one the verdict is INTERESTING!

I also love the cover artwork ( I love dogs! ) and the pic of Greg in the sleeve is cool as well.

Can't wait for Greg's next release!

Check out Greg's website - www.gregnelson.com.au

or email him for a tip on quirky songwriting-

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