Griffen - This World Griffen - This World
Article By Kath on Apr 24, 2003


Griffin are a band from Canberra who have a CD out  called 'This World.' It is a multi-media CD with heaps of stuff on it which is really good to see and includes the video for 'This World.'

I have heard of the band before and have seen their clip on Russ Kellett's show but didn't know they were from Canberra. Their bio says they've had some strong airplay in Canberra which is great to hear.

First track is 'This World' a catchy rock tune with a cool guitar riff and catchy chorus.

'All you Leave Behind' is more balladish and I like this tune. It has a nice acoustic feel and haunting vocals from singer Jason Maynard. 

'Hereafter' rocks a bit harder with big guitars and a big chorus as well. The band seems really tight.

Next up is 'All you Leave Behind' acoustic version which works really well as it is an acousticy tune anyway.

They sound like they know what they're doing and this CD is definitely worth checking out, even though I thought it a tad short and would've liked to hear more.

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