By Adam Gynophobia - Bitch Pre-Release EP
Article By adam on Oct 21, 2002


Artist: Gynophobia
 Album: Bitch Pre-Release EP
 Label: label:KETTLE
Format: DIY

 Have to start by saying that i'm not sure if theres any original music on here except for maybe the last track, however Gynophobia have taken some choice selections and layered there own samples over the top and remixed them a little also (that said they have credited all artists whose songs they have chosen). Being a fan of sampling this was something I enjoyed, by a fan I mean of finding things in music and movies worth sampling and re-using and also of guessing where samples other people have used come from. The intro of this disc was taken from Alien 3 and most of the samples on the second track sounded like they were from star trek voyager. The third track is full of kung fu fighting samples, not being much of a kung fu fan I have no idea of their origins however they are mixed very nicely. The only track on the disc that I know is 'Ministry - Fucked' which has had heaps of interesting and thought provoking samples over laid with a few music samples also. There is a video game theme remixed, grand theft audio, I have no idea how much it has been changed however it sounds very listenable with some nice predator and aliens samples and more including a jay and silent bob interlude. There is also a Godflesh track and the final track is credited solely to Gynophobia so maybe it is wholly original, the only samples are a few gunshots and the music is electronic and breaky. In conclusion for $5 its a bargain and has entertained me a number of times now.
01 Intro
02 Tipper The Tripper - Track Unknown (Gynophobia "You Must Comply" Remix)
03 Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind (Gynophobia "Good Kung-Fu" Remix)
04 Source Direct - Dubstar (Gynophobia Technotopia Remix Featuring Barry The Crazy Alien)
05 Ministry - Fucked (Gynophobia 2002 Remix)
06 Grand Theft Auto Theme (Gynophobia Mighty Boy Remix Featuring Jay & Silent Bob)
07 Godflesh - Track Unknown (Gynophobia "Pain" Remix Garage Days 1993)
08 Gynophobia - Guns Guns Guns (Garage Days 1994)

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