CD review - Idiotcheck-Year of the Idiot Idiotcheck-Year of the Idiot
Article By Kath on Nov 23, 2002


Idiotcheck are a 3-piece Melbourne pop/punk outfit who have a CD out called Year of the Idiot. Kath had a listen.

Idiotcheck have been around a few years now playing around the Melbourne traps. They released this CD entitled Year of the Idiot (Greatest hits: Vol. 1  2000-2002) this year.

I must admit when I saw this CD at J.B I initially thought it was an American band with the same name that had hits between 2000-2002!

I then realised it was in fact our own Idiotcheck!

The artwork's really good on this CD, REALLY professional looking and has some cool photos of the band inside.

The CD was recorded at Indent Music Studios who have done some really cool indie-pop stuff lately including Keystone's new CD, both Girl Compilation 1 and 2 and currently recording the debut EP from Kathematics! (ENOUGH shameless self-promotion!)

This CD contains a massive 17 tracks of pure punk/pop delight. They are kinda in the vein of Blink 182/Mx Px stuff and do what they do really well, wearing their influences on their sleeves.

The first two tracks are usual pop/punk fare with track 3 'Solitary Confinement' a little different musically with a cool bass run and a less fast beat, showing diversity in the band.

Next up is 'Jenni' and it's straight out of the Blink 182 songbook, musically and lyrically!

'Looser' starts as a  cruisy song then heads into familiar punk-fare.

'Friday night's alright' is a great song. A song anyone working fulltime can relate to! It also has a snappy melody and goes through the days of the week leading to Friday night.

'She'll be apples' is off a previous EP and is also a really cool song melody-wise.

'Yearbooks' is good too but I must admit I cringe whenever I hear that lyric over and over about the girlfriend passing away! Sorry guys!

'Faline' is similar to early Blink 182, we're talking 'Cheshire Cat' way before they became slick and 'Bored' is Mx/Px-ish.

'Too fat to be a popstar' is great! Starting with a big Oz-Rock riff and lyrics stating, "They said I was too fat to be a popstar so I guess I'll have to settle for a school bus driver." Funny as. It reminds me of, I think it was the original Popstars TV show (not that I watched it!!!) and that big guy, the huge one who had an incredible voice but was too fat to be a popstar? (I wonder is he a school bus driver now?)

'Final Call' goes all acoustic. It's great to hear a pop/punk act going acoustic, like when Green Day did 'Time of your Life' and Nirvana went Unplugged. I think a good song really stands out if you can play it in acoustic mode without all the distortion and effects and get away with it.

Well with 17 tracks I obviously didn't mention them all but grab a copy of this CD cos it's cool.

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