By kath Isenho - Ein Volk
Article By Kath on Oct 20, 2002


Isenho are an interesting new Melbourne band with members from Hugo and the Red Room and UK band The Family.

Hugo and the Red Room were together from 1995-2001 playing many shows and releasing two CDs.

The Family from the UK released a single which was engineered by Portishead's Dave McDonald.

The collaboration of both these bands brings together an interesting pop/rock sound with swirling guitars and some good vocals. It would be good to hear the band on a CD with a big production recording but the CD serves it's purpose in hearing the quality of the songs.

The first track 'Miscommunications' is a really good song. Lots of guitar, lead and rhythm and a catchy chorus.

'Shining Star' is slower paced and  'Oooh I want more' is back to the power pop. There's some really nice guitar work in the song.

Next up is the instrumental 'Do not stick in eye' what that means I don't know, but it is slow and moody and a departure for the band.

'Too hot to Smell' is back to the rock and 'One Hundred dollar bill' is another swirly instrumental.

'Islands in the Stream' the old Bee Gees (and didn't Dolly Parton do it too?) song is next up and barely recognisable in this rocky/punky version. I've never really thought much of the song but I must admit I like this version!

Then they get a "tad" arty.

'The dangers of reasoning' is basically a headache inducing static-filled noise-fest with snippets of TV talking throughout:shootings, singing, crying, tv evangelism. Weird.

'Mummy' (John Howard has soiled his underpants) -like that title!- is another instrumental that's a bit funky and arty at the same time with weird stuff happening throughout. Spinal Tap's Jazz Odyssey beware!

The closer is another version of the first track and single 'Miscommunications' showing it's power pop rock they do best.

This is an interesting CD and very diverse to say the least. The band would be good to catch live when in you're neck of the woods.

The CD is distributed through Automatic Distribution.

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