Jaded - Where Angels Fly Jaded - Where Angels Fly
Article By Kath on Jan 21, 2003


Jaded (from Melbourne) look like they are only a duo as a singer and guitarist so I'm not sure what they do live. The band is Janny Knight and Matt Knight (but the bio doesn't say they're brother and sister so I presume they're married??? or miraculously have the same last name just like Duran Duran!)

The CD 'Where Angels Fly' contains 13 tracks and the band have already gained radio airplay on various commercial stations and deservedly so, there's some good solid pop/rock tunes on this CD.

Although a better production would do it more justice (a bigger guitar sound and drum sound. I think it's only a drum machine) good songs shine through regardless of production quality.

'Warning' and 'Misery' are cool pop/rock songs as is 'Shackles'. Janny has a good voice but it's more a pop voice than a rock voice.

Next track 'Lullaby' is a change of pace and is slower and more acousticy with a strong melodic chorus. This track has had a lot of exposure on Nova. It's a good tune.

The next track that stands out to my little ears is 'Do you Love me' which has a chorus reminicent of early Blondie or garage girl rock-cool!    

Check out their website at - www.jaded.live.com.au 

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