CD Review By Kath. Josh Dance - I Travel on the Inside
Article By Kath on Aug 21, 2003


Josh Dance is a Melbourne singer/songwriter with a CD out called 'I Travel on the Inside'.

Josh is a bluesy type performer and the CD is very sparse and only features voice, guitar and harmonica.

The CD starts with 'Blues for a Stranger' which pretty much sums up the song.

Next track 'Easy to Please me' runs in a similar vein.

'Flying Blind' is more uptempo and 'Pleasentree' features harmonica as does some of the other tracks.

You can imagine Josh would go down really well in an intimate acousitc show at a small venue like The Yak.

As there are eleven tracks in all I won't go through every one of them, I'll just say the CD is basically very bluesy and cruisy and fans of this genre of music would like it a lot.

To grab a copy of this CD email Josh at-

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