A review of the self titled CD from Kathematics. Kathematics CD Review
Article By Geoff on Feb 2, 2004


The debut self titled album by Kathematics is a 6 track power pop CD packed with a bit of jealousy, stalking and songs inside my head.

Lead singer and song writer Kath Orgovany takes an in your face attitude towards the songs on this CD and each song gets the message across loud and clear with some is loud pop and the production is great with some simple yet still thought provoking and down right candid lyrics.

The music in each song has a distinct feel. Opening with a powerful guitar thumping track called Wetblanket which is an interesting spin on the saying "he is a bit of a wet blanket" and ending with a slower intimate song called Fun and Games, a smooth transition from song to song it maintained throughout the CD.

My pick for this CD is Fun and Games which is the most intimate song on the CD. Fun and Games is one of those look at the past and reminisce kind of songs.

Overall this is good CD if you are into indie guitar pop which is well produced. Thumbs up for Kath and the band Kathematics.