By Kath

Liminal demo CD

Article By Kath on Apr 12, 2005


Melbourne's Liminal are back on the scene with an awesome new demo CD.

Having formed in 2001 Liminal came to my attention in 2002 when featured on the Girl 2 Compilation CD which showcased their song 'Galaxy'.

The band have recently emerged back on the live scene with a refreshed new line-up and have been impressing crowds with their tight live shows.

This three track demo CD was recorded with the assistance of a grant from Arts Victoria and is a strong showcase for the band's adult contemporary style and strong songwriting.

If Liminal's music could be described in three words it would be passionate, haunting and dynamic.

Singer Corinna's strong melodic voice takes the forefront in opening track 'Beautiful Day,' which is a slow-paced rock song which includes strings, violins and guitar taking it somewhere further than the usual pop/rock fare.

Second song 'Leonine' follows a similar path with a stunning guitar leadbreak in the middle taking the song up a notch.

Last track 'Discontent' starts with violin and acoustic guitars, slowly building and then dropping back with Corinna's vocals coming to the fore in a passionate performance that comes truly from the heart.

Look out for a proper CD release from this band in 2005 and catch them at a show if you can, you won't be disappointed.

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