Lukstat - Self titled CD review by Cindy James.
Lukstat Review
Article By Cindy James on Jun 5, 2002

Lukstat - Self titled
3 piece Sydney rockin’ boys "lukstat" have come out of the cupboard and sent me their 5 track musically charged self titled E.P…

Their songs range from guitar influented tunes soudings from Staind to ACDC/ tool, with alot more edge. Giving these guys a distinct rock sound.
Their pounding guitar riffs and rocking drum tunes show the bands catchy melodies and proves these rock-a-billy boys to be more then expected.
The first song, "Redline" starts off with the melodic slow intro giving a mellow "It's been a while (staind)" sound before pounding into a more catchy, upbeat rock tune which doesn't seem to escape your mind!
Coming into the second song, "W.T.S", the boys introduce a guitar solo outlining the strong guitar riffs and powerfully charged vocals. This song, with a lot more edge, gives the "ACDC/tool sound" i described earlier.
Track no.5 "Paraside" starts off alot more slower and melodic before moving up to a more up beat tempo in the chorus, these guys rock fairly hard and the E.P's quite a catchy, but good listen.
I'd give 3*** outta 5*****