By Adam Maladroit - Death To False Metal
Article By Adam on Sep 6, 2002


Artist: Maladroit
 Album: Death To False Metal
 Label: Power Violence
Format: CDR

 Some very nicely constructed hardcore, using an eclectic mix of pop tunes and some great voice samples Maladroit has created an album that is very easy to listen to, dance to and do all sorts of things to. My favoirite track on the album is number 8 DMT, i think its probably because of its dance-ability i seem to be jumping around everytime i hear it. I showed the track to a friend and they told me they couldnt listen to it because it used a B52s track that brought back bad memories for them, i love it. Track number 4 places some breakbeats over a really popular rock track that has been used in war movies and ads for various products, i am pretty sure that it is a Rolling Stones track but don't quote me on that one. Track 5 takes parts of 'we didnt start the fire' by Billy Joel and distorts them until they are barely recognisable and creates a track that you can definately tell is Billy Joel if you know the song, however its very hardcore, breaky and as catchy as the original (or more catchy perhaps as the original didnt catch me). Track 6 comes in rather dark sounding then leads into a vocal sample about meeting an angel which sets the mood for the rest of the track which becomes quite intense with beats and breaks and erratic sounds all over. Track 9 cleverly uses some hip hop vocal samples, particularly one of what sounds like a guy saying 'we got deathstar', and the star wars 'imperial march' to make a fairly easy listening hardcore track. While i have talked mainly of samples and distorting pop tracks there is much originality in the construction which is what makes it an outstanding album. Definately my favorite of the first 3 Power Violence releases.

01 Black Chalice
02 Brainded
03 Black Pigment Of My Heart
04 Spontaneous Human Combustion
05 Secret Sights
06 Bethlehem Undone
07 Crown Of Assholes
08 DMT
09 Defstar
10 Mayhem

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