By Kath Mettaphor-Gush
Article By Kath on Jul 30, 2002

Mettaphor's bio is incredible. It would take me forever to go through it all but it is very impressive. They sent me a very professional press-kit and I only wish my band played as many gigs as they do!

Their CD "Gush" is very cool and I love the little beads in the spine of the CD!

First track 'Feeling Good' does make you feel good. Great melodic vocals, and the sax drives the song giving it a breezy, jazzy, summery feel. The middle of the song is also great, with the tempo change and cool jazzy grooves.

Next up is 'Inside of Me' a more acoustic tune with great harmonies.

'Push' is funkier with cool lead guitar bits.

'Heaven' features the sax again, with a really smooth solo and I must compliment their drummer too. Great beats, great feel.

'Like That' showcases the girls' beautiful harmonies and lyrics that actually mean something.

Last track is 'Comfort', a sweet song about not judging people by their skin colour.

'Feeling Good' and 'Heaven' close the CD as radio remixes.

This CD really is fantastic and anyone wanting to chase up a copy should email the girls at-

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or check out their website at-