Michael Hubbard - Railway Road Michael Hubbard - Railway Road
Article By Kath on Dec 23, 2002


Michael Hubbard was formally the main-man from Melbourne's rootsy-rock band Southern Tramp. He has now branched out on his own with his solo EP 'Railway Road'. 

I always find it interesting when the singer/songwriter of a band leaves or breaks up a band in search of another path.

Having done the same thing myself recently, I relate.

Usually you hear of band members leaving the singer/songwriter but for it to happen the OTHER way must really mean the main person of the band is just fed up with either the band's direction or band members and ending it is the only option.

Sometimes taking a step backward is the only way you can move forward.

But I digress. Not having heard a lot of Southern Tramp's music (although my friend Dave from Indent Music Studios has recorded them)I figured they were of the southern rootsy rock variety and this shows on Michael's solo EP.

Although not a huge fan of this particular style of music I can still hear when it's done well or badly. Michael has the perfect bluesy voice for this music and has good songwriting skills.

The EP is acoustic based, a highlight being the slide guitar which sounds great throughout the EP. The artwork and packaging of the CD is really good too.

Fans of this style of music would like this EP a lot. To grab a copy contact Michael at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.