Mrs Pinkwhistle-Peaches Bananas Apples Pears Mrs Pinkwhistle-Peaches Bananas Apples Pears
Article By Kath on May 17, 2003


Mrs Pinkwhistle are pop kids from Melbourne and have released their debut EP Peaches Bananas Apples Pears.

The band has been around for afew years now and have been doing OK lately and with this EP out through Shock that's gotta be a good thing.

Musically they are from the school of geeky pop, think Weezer, or their Aussie counterparts Klinger.

Opener which is the title track of the EP Peaches Bananas Apples Pears is a quirky little ditty complete with heavy rock middle and lyrics repeating 'This is the chick part in the middle of our song.' Yes, they don't take themselves too seriously which is great to see in such a pretentious and ego-driven music industry such as ours.

Next up is their first single 'I'm a Loser' which features a kiddie-choir and a heavier sound compared to the first track. Any band that can rhyme the words loser, boozer and snoozer has got to be on a good thing.

'Tiny' is about a lost dog. What great lyrics. Dogs rock and there should be more songs about dogs. (I am trying to get 'the songs about dogs' count up with my band by mentioning my red kelpie Saffy in one of my tunes!)

'Charming the pants' is kinda Weezerish and ends with a triangle. Classy!

'Car Stereo' features the casio keyboard and 'Siesta' has some interesting lyrics that actually talk about the song!

Closer is 'Geelong'. For those non-Victorians out there, Geelong is about 45 minutes out of Melbourne and is the hometown of Magic Dirt. The song's pretty cool too complete with tempo change.

Check out Mrs Pinkwhistle when they next play your neck of the woods.

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