No Frills Compilation No Frills Compilation
Article By adam on May 18, 2003


Artist: Various
 Album: No Frills
Format: CD

 You can purchase this album alone or with issue number 10 of the No Frills zone. The first track is by 556a who runs local label Power Violence, its a nice hardcore breaky track with samples from what sounds like a report off of a current affair of the reporters following police undercover. Track three is a grinding piece of live noise from DJ Smallcock. Number four is by maladroit and as usual a nice selction of cheesy ballad with some crass vocals and breaks over the top, another fine tune frm Maladroit. Track five by 7? the curator of the No Frills zine is a fantastic tale about "the greatest bullshit story ever told", religion. Track seven is by Suicidal Rap Orgy and is the first song they played when i saw them live (see gig reviews), great hard hip hop beats with extremely erotic and violent lyrics, there were about 5 or so MC's on stage and most took a go on this track if i remember rightly. Number nine again by 7? is a fast insane piece of fun. Track twelve is by Mark N of Bloody Fist and Nasenbluten fame, a well put together commentary of a rugby match complete with ads. Thirteen i think is by Tocutter because i saw him play it live and dedicated it to anyone that had been abused as a child, the music is sampled from house music and the voice from a sixty minutes report about priests molesting young boys. Fourten is some of the violent Passenger Of Shit, always a pleasure (see the Passenger Of Shit CD Review). Fifteen is by Null Object and due to the title i thought it was going to be full of Red Dwarf smaples however it is used Pokemon samples, most excelently i might add with hardcore breaks. "I will be the supreme pokemon master". Seventeen by Scruts 'n' Guns begins with Bill Hicks repeating "all governments are liars and murderers" and as i always say any song with a Bill Hicks sample is worth a listen, this one is no exception. Nineteen is Diablo Negro the hip hop alias of Steve Fraughman, hardcore hip hop breaks over the top of a very popular song by Roy Orbison i am pretty sure and rhymes from a very angry man. All other tracks are great also and i suggest getting the CD with the zine, its packed full of fun and fact.

01 556a - Bobs Big Bust
02 Refuz - Clipped
03 Smallcock - Unmeasurable (Live 0704020)
04 Maladroit - Driven By What
05 7? - He Loves You
06 Null Object - I Feel It
07 Suicidal Rap Orgy - Blood Clot Lunch
08 pH - Lost
09 7? - Yeah
10 Composite Of Negatives - gRAVE
11 Quockenzocker - Summer Cum Lord
12 Question Mark? - Wide World Of Shits
13 DJ Anal Erection - Nu-Lo
14 Passenger Of Shit - Bash A Brick Up My Arse
15 Null Object - Sir They Have Taken Mr Rimmer
16 Anti-Kati - The Battle For Pidgeyoto
17 Scruts 'n' Guns - Liars & Murderers
18 Zeitgeist - Bloodfucker
19 Diablo Negro + Snake Eyes - Lovesong
20 pH - Creamia
21 Passenger Of Shit - Fart Sucking (Vocals By Rizili)
22 Toecutter - Sodomecstacy

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