By Adam


Passenger Of Shit 2 - 5
Article By adam on Sep 26, 2002


Artist: Passenger Of Shit
 Album: 2, 3, 4 + 5
 Label: DIY
Format: CDR
  CAT#: POS2, POS3, POS4 + POS5

 The track titles are extreme, the music is extreme and the feelings are extreme. If you are pissed at someone just play this to get over it, afterwards you get the feeling of actually committing some crazy acts of violence to someone. I tried to write a review of these albums talking about how they sound and are constructed etc. however i couldnt do it, i can simply say i love it. Theres heaps of screaming, and i mean lots and lots of screaming. Plenty of extreme beats and breaks and on POS3 starts to use some recognisable samples. For a taste of what it actually is a fave track is off of POS1, of course the beats are extreme while a gentleman in the background gives step by step instructions on performing a sex change operation. You can purchase these CDs straight from Mr Passenger Of Shit himself through mailorder (website below) or i grabbed one at a System Corrupt gig he was performing at. Great to dance to.

01 In the interest of public sanity the track titles have been left out.
02 For a full listing visit the POS website.

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