Article By Kath. Porcelain CD Review (Now called Remake Remodel)
Article By Kath on Jun 27, 2002

Porcelain first came to my attention last year when their track "Catcall" was featured on the first Girl Compilation CD.(The track was taken off the "Shimmerstar" EP which contained 3 tracks.)
I then realised both guitarist Sarah and drummer Alex were originally from Sheraw, who I remember seeing round town afew years ago and really liked. (Singer Jes and Bassplayer Melissa make up the rest of the band.)

Porcelain have just released their new CD called "5 Track EP" (Great title!)It was recorded in 2001 and contains 5 tracks. (Obviously!)

The EP kicks off with "2 Way" which I reckon is my fave track. I love the guitars that start the song. Singer Jes has a voice that goes from sweet as sugar to angry, angsty rock chick in a second.

Next up is "Neveready", again featuring some cool guitar licks and great vocal melodies.

"Girls Better" is more of a harder,rockier effort with some vocal harmonies through the song that add alot and a cool lead guitar riff near the end. I hear some Bikini Kill influences in there too.

"Shot" has a slow verse, faster chorus thing going. The verses being really atmospheric and chorus' rocking out.

Iggy Pop's "I'm Bored" closes the EP. Everyone knows this song, it is undeniably a classic. So what do Porcelain do with it? Well it's sung by a chick so that changes it for a start! But I really love the way Jes sings it. Rock chick attitude and swagger. They definitely put the Porcelain stamp on it.

Check out this EP and see the band live when they play near you, you won't be disappointed.