Psyn - Original Sin Psyn - Original Sin
Article By Kath on Apr 27, 2003


Psyn are a Melbourne 4-piece rock band who were originally a cover band but decided to branch out into originals which is always a good thing. They sent me a demo CD.

The CD contains 6 songs kinda in the serious heavy rock category, starting with 'Sin.'

(Just a hint guys, make sure you have a cover sheet in the CD which includes the track listing so I don't have to take the CD out of the CD player to check what the name of the song is!) 

Both 'Sin' and next track 'Man in the Mirror' are pretty standed rock stuff I guess, probably not really my bag but I try to fing good in everything I'm sent regardless.

Next track is called 'God of Thunder' and sorry guys, but I just have to say it! Are you fans of Spinal Tap? This music is very Spinal Tap. Um, sorry.

'Deeper shade of Blue' and 'The Crown' flow in the same vein.

The CD's saving grace is the last song 'Room full of Colours' which is sung a lot more natrually by the singer and goes for a more 50's ish rock groove which works a lot better. Follow this path more guys.

Trust me.

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