Kath reviews the Chunky relase by Rachel Parkeson.
Rachel Parkinson - Chunky
Article By Kath on Oct 1, 2003


Melbourne's Rachel Parkinson has a CD out called 'Chunky'.

Rachel plays around Melbourne alot and is also a bit of a Channel 31 celebrity as I also am from time to time, and let's face it folks, being a Channel 31 celebrity well and truly rocks!

Anyway, Rachel's CD 'Chunky' is an acousticy affair starting with  'Tongue-Tied' which is a dark tune and pretty sparse with just vocals and guitar.

'My Beautiful' includes other instrumentation including drums and is a sweet, melodic song.  

'Dance with Me' features strings  and 'Pack Yourself Away' is another sparse song with dual vocals.

The CD ends with 'I Have Loved' complete with cello which gives it a really nice touch.

Some nice tunes here with good instrumentation.

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