Rainmaker - Edge of the World Rainmaker - Edge of the World
Article By Kath on Jan 5, 2003


Rainmaker are from Melbourne with a CD out called 'Edge of the World.' Kath had a listen.

This is a mighty full-length 13 track CD that was recorded at guitarist Chris' home recording studio. The quality isn't too bad but the drums could've been a bit thicker in my humble opinion.

Their music is pretty 80's sounding. I don't know if that's what they were aiming for or if it's what comes naturally but it's pretty 80's rock. It also sounds a bit like those U.S soft rock bands whose names escape me.

Singer David has a strong rock voice and the playing is very tight with the addition of keyboards as well which is a nice touch.

Musically probably not my cup of tea but they are good at what they do.

All the tracks are pretty serious up until 'Shame on You' which is pretty funky and doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, complete with talking at the beginning of the track and some keyboards from 'Funky Town' and another disco tune as well. This track's a stand out 'cause it's fun.

The band will be playing around Melbourne to support this CD. Check em out if you prefer old school rock music and hate what music has become today.

Check out their website at - http://www.rainmaker505.com/