By Kath Renny Field - Make Believe
Article By Kath on Jul 13, 2004


Renny Field is a singer/songwriter from Sydney with a CD out called Make Believe.

First track 'Hold On' is a nice start to the CD in a kind of breezy Coldplay way, Coldplay being a band he has been compared to. Nice piano and a strong vocal style from Renny.

Next track 'Fighting against the wind' is more acoustic guitar based.

Title track 'Make Believe' is another piano-based tune that kicks in with drums and guitar, then chills out again, and so on.  Renny's a fan of the long song, this one clocking in at 6 min, 42 sec. Actually there's nothing under 3 min on this CD, as it's obviously not disposable pop, but I know radio prefer shorter songs as a rule, although he has recieved airplay for this CD which is great. Even though this song is pretty long it has heaps of light and shade which makes it interesting.

'Running Around' is pretty rock, in an acoustic way, adding a different feel to the CD, and is also the shortest track on the CD at just over 4min, as is 'Finding Solace' which features the acoustic and some nice harmonies. 

There's 12 tracks on this CD in total so I won't go through every single track but it's a pretty diverse CD, and while the Coldplay influence is there, Renny seems to rock out more than that band, making his stuff more interesting.

A strong release that I recommend to anyone into music that is a little more substantial than the crap the record companies throw at us.

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